Ici nous écrierons sur différents sujets concernant le bien être et la spiritualité


Let me introduce myself :

As I sit in the quietness of the night, to reconnect with memories of past, the waves of silence is rising within to let me know that I Am. The I Am, that part of me that shines brightest and which makes me whole, for I Am. The star seed that was born to be part of the awakening process. I have followed my path with love and understanding, within the reality of Love, Light and Truth.

My name is Lucien Clausse, born in the town of Soleuvre in Luxembourg; I am a Spiritualist, Medium, Channeler, Metaphysical and Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach.

I began my journey in developing my abilities from the young age of two. At different times and to say quite honestly I felt that I was quite alone in this world and it seemed to me that I did not belong on this planet. For I could hear talk to and see people, that no one else could see or hear. Living between two worlds, the physical one that I was born on and the Spiritual worlds that where open to me.

There have been many teachers on my pathway, starting with Tommy, Julie and so many other little angels, who, by their passing into the Light at a very early age, taught me to accompany the dying into the Spiritual worlds and to accept life and death at the age of four.

At the age of seven I had a very special encounter, with what I would call today a Light Bring or Ascended Master in a physical form, who taught me to understand my channeling abilities.

At the age of nine there was a new teacher that crossed my path, her name was Esmeralda, and she was a Wiccan high priestess, she taught me the nature of Wicca and the spiritual approach of the Wiccan world.

Between the ages of ten and twelve I learned various meditations and outer body techniques from different spiritual beings. (Some in physical form and others in a more spiritual form)

By visiting the Edgar Cayce Institute, I gave myself the opportunity to better understand the aspects of my clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship.

There was also at the age of sixteen, a wonderful Hopi Elder, who became in a certain way my adopted grandmother, she taught me many lessons on how to respect Mother Earth and she taught me the physical and spiritual ways of shamanism.

I have been blessed to have had many teachers on my path, which allowed me to successfully develop my gifts through out the course of my life, I must thank one very special teacher, who entered my life at a very important moment, and who taught me everything I need to know about energy fields, grids and how to work with the different types of energy that are available, she also taught me to better understand the physical body. This one special teacher became my best friend, my confident, and my wife. We have been working and growing together for the past twenty five years.

My work as a Spiritual Medium, in no way involves fortune telling. My work as a Maitre Spirite is to demonstrate the existence of an afterlife, it also consist in helping those that are departing from the earthly plains to cross over to the Spiritual worlds. It also involves channeling sessions for people who need to unlock the doors to their inner self, to help them to live their life fully in the here and now.

As a healer, I fully recognize that I am a channel for the Divine Source that can heal, and spiritual healing is not offered as an alternative to orthodox medicine but rather complementary to it.

My guided messages, answers and directions are seen, felt and heard from the combined work of my Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spiritual Guides. They are there to help those that seek guidance, direction and understanding.

If you are seeking guidance, I will help you find understanding and direction to fulfill your highest good and destiny.

Blessings/Namasté Lucien Clausse Maître Spirite


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