Ici nous écrierons sur différents sujets concernant le bien être et la spiritualité


It is now time for all of us to come home to our spiritual self and truly understand who and what we really are there by reconnecting with the universe.


It is time for us to look, see and walk our true path. To regain our power, raise our level of understanding. There by becoming one, in body, mind and spirit.


The moment has come to let go of what was or is failures, sufferings and traumas. There by allowing our spirit to move forward in the here and now. A time of wholeness.


A time of hope, a time of change


I believe that the human race is awakening to a new beginning. I sense that it is slowly but surely becoming aware of its true nature, which of course is spiritual. Human beings may not yet be fully aware or even understand the full meaning of their true nature, there is however a process of change within.


It is awakening within them, touching their heart and making them aware of new emotions and feelings, creating unity with self, there by opening doors to a new foundation for life and living.


Yes a time of change is coming, we can see it everywhere….newspapers, television, internet and some times in the faces of people we meet or talk to. Is it a new beginning or is it the fatality that everyone is expecting. Every one seems to be talking about a great change that is in the making or coming. Some talk about a new dimension, others talk about ascension and there are even those that talk about the destruction of Mother Earth itself.


Yes I do believe that there is a great change coming, but what exactly is it and when will it begin?


We are at the cross roads of a new consciousness, an awakening of sorts. We are being told that the time has come for us to raise our level of consciousness and focusing on and communicating trough the energies of Light and Love, thus allowing the shift to happen.


There is one element that people in general will have to deal with and that is the fear factor. For fear, stops people from growing and moving into their true spiritual nature, thus not allowing for oneness. I can fully understand that when people are at their most fearful or the point of highest stress and anxiety it is difficult for them to acknowledge change of any kind.


For change itself is stressful. So we either calm people and support them in their change or wait till they feel ready. There are some that would say, we just have to leave them behind. This to me seems tainted by ego or something of that nature, for I could not and would not understand an ultimate energy of Love that would leave some behind because they don’t seem comfortable with change. If that where the case, than not one single earth spirit could grow. For all of us have in our life time experienced fear in one form or another.


There is no doubt in my mind that we are witnessing a new beginning, one that will allow us to grow and become one with all of universe, a change that will allow us to fully understand the meaning of living and life. Not the suffering that has been imposed but rather a choice that one has to make between living and suffering.


I know that people are caught up in their everyday life, and that they struggle just to live the aspects that they know about, but there is much more to discover. Because they being part of Spirit will start to uncover the realms of the Spirit worlds, who some would call the inner worlds. It is of course possible to tap into the Spiritual worlds in order to gather information, knowledge and wisdom that one can use on the physical plains.


There are people like myself that know that within the Spiritual worlds, there are personalities, there are beings of light, my native friends call them spirits, and these are compassionate forces which are willing to come into relationship with human beings in order to help them in various ways. But first one must turn in their direction and ask them to do so.


I know and understand that everything is connected to everything else, this is also a lesson that all of humans need to understand, and that underlying the fabric of reality that we all take so much for granted, there is a net or a grid or a matrix of power. And we are awakening to this new knowledge there by creating a new age of consciousness and awareness allowing for the interconnection between everyone and everything everywhere.


The beginning of a new culture, a new way of life and living. For the time has come for human beings to discover their true purpose and being, and most of all for them to understand that they are not alone in the universe.


In a funny sort of way, when people turn towards a spiritual path, they expect to find truth right away and are in dismay when they learn and discover that there are four stages of spiritual unfolding: belief, faith, direct experience, and personal transformation.


Belief being the first stage, it is quite apparent that there are different types of belief, such as mystic beliefs, magical beliefs, rational beliefs and of course scientific beliefs. The first step is to reevaluate you belief system, for belief does not lead one to the path of consciousness and in truth one must first learn to believe in her or himself first and foremost, there by creating a new level of understanding thus opening the first door to the path of consciousness.


So this is usually when the second stage steps in. Faith or trust, or in my of looking at it, simply knowing and applying what one knows, without the necessity to always understand what one knows. When faith is doing its job, it brings us into connection with the third level of spiritual unfolding which is direct experience.


When you’ve made a connection with the Spiritual worlds and tapped into the Love and Light energies that exist, and when you have been touched by the Light beings, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, angels, and spirits that reside there, it takes you immediately to the fourth and final stage of spiritual unfolding, which can be called spiritual transformation, because once you’ve had that experience, you’re never the same again.


So yes there is a new age coming, and Love and Light will again be the beacons of Mother Earth.



Lite Light


Lucien Clausse

Maître Spirite


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