Ici nous écrierons sur différents sujets concernant le bien être et la spiritualité

Developing Psychic Skills

For the first five minutes, relax yourself. Deeply relax and put your full, deep trust in the holiness of Spirit.


I suggest praying to Spirit for guidance and PROTECTION, before you begin any spiritual work or exercise.


BELIEVE, if you do not know, that only good spirits are around you, loving you and protecting you.


Thank them and open yourself to them for their assistance.


BY UPLIFTING, YOU’RE SPIRIT TO THEM. It is said that if you uplift yourself ten feet, they will come down twenty feet to guide you.



Eight-fold Breath


Breathe in for the count of eight. Hold for the count of four. Exhale for the count of eight. Hold for the count of four. You may also begin the breathing with several large full breaths, all the way to the lower abdominal area.


Then continue with the eight/four/eight/four breathing. This is very relaxing, and trance inducing. It also begins to bring you a regulated pattern of energy for the work ahead. Continue the breathing throughout the meditation. Moreover, do not worry if you forget it for a time.


Just pick it up again and be relaxed about the whole process.


Beginning at the Crown chakra. [This is the opposite from what most of you are being taught. Drawing energy upward is what is usually done. However, I am showing you, simply, what I learned.]


So, beginning with the crown chakra, feel it opening up and becoming charged with light and energy by focusing and intending energy to move into it.


Move to the third-eye chakra. Open/intend/charge this. Throat chakra, the same. Heart chakra, the same.


Moreover, on down the chakras until all are open and charged up. If one is stuck, or wont cooperate, stay on it, breathing in and out and focusing the incoming, good energy into that chakra. Give the same amount of energy to each one, for this exercise.


Turn your attentions to the place of visions, the third eye: When the chakras are all open, and you are continuing to breathe as stated, it is time to look within. Find the place inside your mind where you see pictures, where you daydream.


For the next FIVE MINUTES, quiet your thinking and just practice observing whatever may arise in this space.


Do not give it any credence; do not judge what you see. In fact, be as non-judgmental as you possibly can be.


Make no decisions based on what comes. Do not get caught in a prolonged image, let it go. Do not indulge yourself in fear, or panic about something, which may seem awful . . . just bless it and send it on its way!


Try to recall that you have protected yourself and that you are loved.


CLOSE DOWN for the next five minutes. Continue the breathing. Go back down the chakras, as before, diminishing the energy, dimming the light, so to speak, and envisioning that you are CLOSING EACH SPIRITUAL DOOR as you do so.


Do each of the chakras in this way, until whatever is open is closed, envisioned as sealed.


No spirit activity is permitted from this point on.


Let spirit information come to you only when you desire it, or want it, or permit it.


Learn to condition yourself to not accept any information coming from spirits unless you give it your okay.


Once the spiritual doors are closed, that means just that, they are closed.



From: The Book Of Knowledge

Author: Lucien Clausse (MAÎTRE SPIRITE)

Tous droits réservés 1996 All rights reserved




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