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Abundance affirmations and affirmations for abundance

“Abundance is, in large part, an attitude.”

~Sue Patton Thoele


•I am grateful for the abundance that flows to me daily.

•My actions draw abundance to me in all that I do.

•The Lord gives me more than I need and I am grateful.

•I am easily and openly accepting the abundance that is inherently mine.

•I live in abundance.

•I am now claiming the abundance that is rightfully mine.

•Abundance comes easily to me.

•I choose to be financially abundant in my life.

•I am passionate about building a life of abundance in all areas.

•Being abundant is my birthright. And I claim it now.

•I am abundant in all areas of my life.

•Abundance is flowing to me now.

•I naturally attract abundance into my life.

•I have great abundance and share it freely with those around me.

•Everything I touch returns abundantly to me.

I enjoy abundance in all areas of my life

I have an abundance of friends that surround me

My career path is abundant

I have an abundant number of people in my life that inspire and uplift me

Abundance and joy flow freely in my life

Abundance is naturally mine

Abundance is attracted to me

I attract abundance in all that I am and do

◦Abundance and prosperity are my birthright and I accept it with open arms.

Use Them Well, without wondering if they will work for you for when you breve live and energy into your thoughts you are creating


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